PRESENCE Sacred Singing

Healing Harmonies, Musical Prayers, Affirmations and Blessings

Sacred Singing

PRESENCE (band) facilitates SACRED SINGING "satsangs"; sing-alongs described as by many participants “Musical Mediation”.

SACRED SINGING are musical mantras, sacred chants, and prayers set to music which facilitate a meditative, calming, nourishing and healing atmosphere. Participants sing aloud simple affirmations; songs of gratitude, love, forgiveness, etc. which charge the atmosphere with powerful, positive energy, attract blessings, and facilitate healing, peace, joy, harmony and grace.

. To schedule a Sacred Singing in your area or hire us for an event, please call/text:

+ 1 310 PETER-PA(N)...without the "N" for Neverland.

You are L♥VED!

Sacred Prayer To You

”May the long time sun

Shine upon you,

All LOVE surround you,

And the pure Light within you

Guide your way on.”

Kundalini Yoga - Farewell Blessing