Presence Sacred Singing

About the band Presence

PRESENCE is made up of modern nomads & visionaries on a mission to share the healing vibrational medicine of musical affirmations, healing prayers, and meditation mantras, knows as SACRED SINGING.

SACRED SINGING are musical mantras, sacred chants, and prayers set to music that create a meditative, calming, nourishing and healing atmosphere. Participants sing aloud simple affirmations. Songs of gratitude, joy, love and forgiveness charge the atmosphere with powerful, positive energy, attracting blessings, and facilitating wholeness, peace, harmony and grace.

The Sacred Singing “Celestial Choir” is available to sing at bedside, including for those on hospice, in hospitals, elderly care and veteran care facilities, free of charge.

In addition to Sacred Singing “satsongs” and the Sacred Singing community bedside “celestial choir”, PRESENCE is also a cover band and has performed at seminars, festivals, conventions, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, workshops, funerals, private parties, etc. worldwide!