PRESENCE Sacred Singing

About Cara

Cara Pifko was a child actor and singer on multiple records and 5 seasons of a TV series with Sharon Lois and Bram in Toronto, Canada. She went on to lead two series, win a Gemini (Canadian Emmy) and the Los Angeles’ Stage Raw Award, as well as numerous TV shows, Voiceover roles, many full productions of theatre in Toronto with theatre companies including Soul Pepper, Tarragon, Canadian Stage, Crows. Her recent work can be found in seasons 2-4 of AMC’s “Better Call Saul” and in Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”.

While all that was going on she became the mother of two and became a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach with a specialty in Creativity Coaching. The move to the City of Angels 10 years ago was part of a spiritual revolution which called in Sacred Singing as a match of intent and style when it comes to raising the vibration of humanity through the power of artistic expression.

"I am infinite, sacred,
vast opening space
living in the flow
of GOD’s miracles,
abundance and grace"