Sacred Singing Celestial Choir

Loving kindness, healing and transformation can be accessed and expressed through the portal of the human voice. The Sacred Singing Celestial Choir provides comfort and support to those confined to a bed due to ill health or life circumstances, by utilizing the healing tones of the Sacred Singing celestial choir chants.

“To love deeper everyday 

To laugh often and much;

To earn the respect of intelligent people 

And the affection of children; 

To win the appreciation of honest critics 

And endure the betrayal of false friends;

To appreciate beauty, 

To feel grateful for everything
To find the best in everyone, including oneself.
To leave the world a little better;

Whether by a healthy child, 

A garden patch, 

Or a redeemed social condition...
To know even one life has breathed easier 

Because you have lived;
This is to have succeeded.”

About Sacred Singing Celestial Choir

Presence - the band

The Sacred Singing “celestial choir” is made up of members of the Sacred Singing community. Some of the choir members are certified hospice volunteers, including “Presence” Tarika Brandt, (the founder of Sacred Singing & it's celestial choir), who started her “official” training for hospice with the Twilight Brigade and the CIA (Compassion In Action) for veterans. To date Presence has brought Sacred Singing to the bedside of over 300 people worldwide.

Mission Statement

The Sacred Singing Celestial Choir ultimate vision is to create and share healing harmonies that raise the vibrational field of participants and recipients to their highest possible frequency, through the healing power of human heart waves combined with the resonance of the human vocal instrument.

Our intention is that all who are in process of their transition from life to death, feel embraced & nourished by the healing vibrations of peace, love and grace, bathed by melodies, harmonies and sacred chants designed to uplift, empower, and nourish the soul.

Through the voice of the celestial choir; whether by a single voice or multiple layered harmonies, Sacred Singing at bedside seeks to end isolation, and ease the tender process for those who are bedridden and those nearing and moving into their transition.

Contact Us

We can come to support you or your loved one by bringing our “celestial choir” to bedside. Our songs are simple and easy to follow. Sometimes family and friends join us and although we have a repertoire of Sacred Singing celestial chants, we can sing (and learn) songs that are particular and honoring of our clients choices, taste, and persuasion.

Please call us or email our “substitute” manager, Cara Pifko. (For a faster response, please also email “Presence” Tarika Brandt.)