Presence Sacred Singing

About the founder, singer/songwriter/song-leader "Presence" Tarika Brandt

Harmony can heal the world. The vibration of gratitude, peace, love, joy, success, ecstasy lives within us all. “Presence” aka Tarika Brandt is the founder of Sacred Singing and facilitates community sing-alongs described by many participants as: a ‘mystical experience’, ‘a musical mediation’, as ‘magical’, ‘healing’, and ‘profound’.

Presence was introduced to devotional singing when she was 7 years old and became a “sanyasin”/devotee of Osho (then Baghwan Shree Rajneesh). Both of her parents holistically healed themselves of incurable diseases, for which each was given 6 months to live. Presence has been on a mission to activate the “physician/healer/guide within” ever since not only for her healing arts, counseling & coaching clients but for our world. Utilizing various modalities, Presence has been featured in numerous articles, books, and documentaries.

A recognized face in the theatre, television and film world (including a best actress award), Presence has used her soul calling to expand the industry co-creating a spiritual cinema group which garnered an Oscar Award. Presence pioneered the Agape Ministry (a non-denominational church in Los Angeles) as one of the first twelve members, as well as being a founding member of various other groups and organizations, helping to build communities around them; many of which flourished soon afterwards. Her love of humanity stretches from birth to death as she volunteers as a certified hospice caregiver and death doula, including her Sacred Singing celestial choir which sings at bedside, for those nearing and entering into their last breaths of life. As each life sings its final note, she is there to hear it, and to insure it’s light resonates for all time and space, and continues to inform us all of the preciousness and sacredness of our existence.

After Presence experienced an intense and powerful “Kundalini Rising/Awakening which opened her to the heavens, to other worlds and realms “beyond”, resulting in numerous premonitions and visions for ushering our world into it’s highest evolution.

Presence is also a meditation teacher, filmmaker, voice-over artist, & holds certifications in a wide array of modalities.

Sacred Singing is where Presence found she could bring all of her natural talents and learned skills and interests together. Presence had a healing practice for years and numerous clients that credited the work they did with Presence saving their lives. Her mission is to lovingly, gently and joyfully through the healing power of music and the human voice, inviting people into their hearts to connect with the center of their being utilizing their breath, voice and intentions. Sacred Singing is an opportunity for participants to plug into higher vibrations slowly and gradually, through musical meditation. The experience is largely participatory, so the “at-tuning in” experience can be graceful and gentle while still incredibly powerful.

Let me be a beneficial PRESENCE on the planet. 
Guide me toward my highest good, 
Into full awakening, enlightenment and Divine Grace
In service to the Divine LOVE in all creation
And for the benefit of the greater good, 
Toward the enlightenment all sentient beings."