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"I cannot say enough about devotional, Sacred Singing with Presence. This is music that will feed your soul. The really cool thing is that you get to co-create this happening as you sing along. I experienced this Musically Heart Expanding Experience a week ago and it made an indelible impression on me that is still vibrating in the core of my Being. This is an opportunity to treat yourself to something very special!"

~ Samuel Kiwask, Culver City, CA,

"Once again I would like to thank you for the experience shared at the Sacred Singing I attended. The amount of positive, healing energy felt flowing through the air was truly amazing! Feelings of sorrow, pain, and loss seemed to exit my body. Replacing them were love, hope, and joy. The entire experience could only be described as enlightening. I believe Presence is an amazing person who has been blessed with a wonderful gift, and encourage all walks of life to attend her Sacred Singing. Thank you Presence for all you've done!"

~ Joshua Wallace

"I was truly transported into a deep, peaceful, meditative space… a place I haven't been in a very long time. I'd had a stressful, exhausting day and almost turned around while driving, because I doubted I could sit through the evening… but a little courageous voice encouraged me to reach my destination. Some part of me knew there was healing awaiting. Presence is truly a present, a sacred gift to us all!"

~ Shicana Lynn, Woodland Hills, CA

"The devotional, Sacred Singing was absolutely wonderful!!! I haven't been sleeping well, but last night I slept deeply and soundly! I know it was because of spending the evening at Sacred Singing!!! It was like taking a long bath in good vibes; positive energy… soaking it up! Presence's voice is really beautiful in itself and she uses it for the greater good! Presence channels Spirit! It was such a wonderful evening; lovely choices of songs, pacing, etc.! :) Presence was glowing… and passed that glow and healing and light along to everyone who was in the room!!! Thank you!"

~ Mary Jane Weaver, Burbank, CA

"I am still floating in the beauty, grace and joy of singing heart-felt empowering songs as a group. what a gift to the soul. Thank you! Thank you!"

~ SaRina Daly-Goode, Mar Vista, CA

"Thank you for hosting such a magnificent evening! Wow! Wow! Wow!!! It was really beautiful in every way. I feel so healed and full of love, song, friendship and JOY! The music was very special and wonderful. Presence and her friends brought a fresh delightful energy. I really needed that evening of love, fun, song, and devotion. .... amazing!!! I thank you with all my heart. We all had a great and very touching evening!!!"

~ Gratefully, Sarito, San Diego, CA


~ Jay Levin, Bel Air, CA

"I had the privilege to hear "Presence" sing devotional songs last night. It was so pure and penetrated to the core. I left feeling very calm and uplifted. She included audience participation. She has the voice of an angel and sings these songs from her heart straight into yours. What a great evening! Thank you!"

~ Audrey Bruckner, Thousand Oaks, CA.

"Had such an exquisite night of angelic devotional/sacred singing with Presence. Thank you so, so much!! Hope to come to your wonderful event again. My Spirit is so Elevated!"

~ Leah Zahner, Los Angeles, CA

"I believe it was my sacred singing experience that helped me to send positivity to the universe, and helped me book my job. Great thanks to you!!"

~ Connie Shiro, Sherman Oaks, CA

""Such a gift to the world!!! I so much enjoyed the singing and my heart was deeply, deeply touched. So many souls embraced and lives blessed!"

~ Ellen Freeman, Los Angeles, CA

"I had hesitations about attending my first Sacred Songs evening. I'm not a professional singer and wasn't sure it was for me. I'm now a regular! Presence creates a safe, magical environment that makes singing fun, even if you don't have singing experience. Something extraordinary is created that's beyond words, beyond physical sight. You have to feel it. You might become a regular too!"

~ Maria, Woodland Hills, CA

I SO enjoyed last night. It was so uplifting and empowering. Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with us. I look forward to singing with you and the group again. Thanks again!"

~ J.K., Beverly Hills, CA

"A wonderful place that you're transformed to while the music plays. - When the music stops you are left in a peaceful state of being."

~ Robin B., Oxnard, CA

"I'd love to come again. I so enjoyed the experience, and I felt the music reverberate within for several days afterwards. Thank you so much!" - Jeanine G., Santa Monica, CA "It was sooooooo fabulous last night! I hugely love what you are doing! Please put me on your list. I would like to join your Devotional Singing evenings whenever possible. Sing on!"

~ Bibi Casperi, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you SOOOOOOO much - tonight was so amazing and spirit-filled. I'm incredibly grateful!! I've been having health challenges for years and I think I should stop trying to fix them and just sing more. I pulled out my guitar tonight for the first time in years. Thank you!!!! Singing the songs really supported my healing and I am experiencing greater joy and love. Please add me to your mailing list! Thank you - God bless you!"

~ Wendy Kunkel, Agura Hills, CA

"I loved it! Presence has an enchanting presence! The music is magical and lingers on and on."

~ M.F., Sedona, Arizona


"WOW! That was a really gorgeous event!! Thank you for wrapping us all in your heart! I love seeing you love people. It's VERY inspiring!!"

~ Davie-Blue, Los Angeles, CA

"Dear Presence, your Sacred Singing really prepared me for losing my mom. In fact while we were singing I was hearing myself sound exactly like her. I allowed the tears to flow and felt safe and held, My mom loved to sing, andvwould have loved the journey you took us on. I believe she was there."

~ Leah Zahner, Mar Vista, CA

"Another wonderful evening! The songs are now in my head! Love it!"

~ Maria Kostello, Sherman Oaks, CA

"What a GREAT vibration last night--I feel so blessed to have Sacred Songs and Musical Healing Prayers in my life! Thank you to everybody for showing up and shining."

~ D.B., West Hollywood, CA

"Wonderful to drum with you last night! I have a few friends who are in need of healing. It was great to be able to play and think of them. I felt they benefitted as much as I did."

~ Marguerite Kusuhara, Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the Sacred Singing satsang on Saturday night. You truly have a beautiful voice and you were sooooo sweet. Thank you for the evening!!!"

~ Elaine Pratt, Sherman Oaks, CA

"After an evening of being in your presence, singing devotional songs; heart cracked open, vocal cords tingle, eyes see with beauty and compassion... Words cannot do service to express gratitude for the generosity of your spirit and for the gift of love you spread. Thank you for that gift and your ever touching wide-open angel-heart!"

~ Rina, Santa Monica, CA